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Join us for the Meta 4 Podcast, led by host Edgar Nersisjan, where we explore a realm of dialogue and discovery. With his deep connection to his Armenian heritage in Kumayri and his growth in Belgium, Edgar’s personal journey serves as a backdrop for the compelling stories he uncovers. Drawing from his extensive experience as a senior consultant, he orchestrates engaging discussions by seamlessly integrating insights from a variety of industries.

This podcast breaks barriers, uniting Armenians from all over the world, from Belgium to Armenia and beyond. Embracing diversity in business, culture, politics, and more, it showcases a diverse range of perspectives that shape the Armenian identity and its global impact. Join us as we celebrate the vibrant fusion of voices and visions on the Meta 4 Podcast.

Come along for a one-of-a-kind journey with each new installment, as Edgar carries out his mission to intertwine stories and cultivate a network of inspiration. Embark on the Meta 4 Podcast and immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Armenian culture and intellect.

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