Belgahay is looking for volunteers

BelgaHAY is looking for…
FR voice…
We are looking for French speaking voice artist volunteers. Maybe you never talked on the radio. If you don’t try you will never know.
You can record from the studio or from home. Weekly or daily basis.
This voice artists can be record daily weather forecast for 4 min. Or prepared French texts by editors… (News, Dossier, or advertisement voice)
We are looking for volunteer reporters, who can prepare short reports from the events that they follow. The volunteer will receive free +1 tickets for the events too. BelgaHAY will provide suitable mics for your mobile phones which you can use for recording. The report can be video or audio. We prefer video reports so that we can also use them on social media.
News editors in FR. We are looking for volunteers who can find and write short articles in French. Radio is a bridge to the French talking community. And many reports that we have in Armenian do not have the same visibility in French.
We can write a text for an event or you can just be a writer. We will provide information which has to be turned into a text to publish on our website and used in Radio shows.
A volunteer who wants to be doing our website editorship is welcomed. The job description includes uploading news and daily shuttle.
Social Media Editor
Are you on social media? Good. Because we need volunteers like you. To improve our visibility we are looking for volunteers to share our shows, guests, etc…
You are welcome to join our reporting group to broadcast live events on social media…
BelgaHAY is a community radio station. So we do not have subsidies and incomes (yet) ıf you think you can provide some assistance in Financing and advertising, you are welcomed…

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