What is DAB+ ?

Written by on 1 novembre 2022

Belgium is transforming its media into digital broadcasting. Like Germany, Britain, and other Northern EU countries to be able to cover more areas without the FM antenna technical problems all over the world, media are using a new system. DAB is generally more efficient in its use of spectrum than analogue FM radio, and thus can offer more radio services for the same given bandwidth. The broadcaster can select any desired sound quality, from high-fidelity signals for music to low-fidelity signals for talk radio, in which case the sound quality can be noticeably inferior to analog FM. High-fidelity equates to a high bit rate and higher transmission cost.

Whats to do now?

With all this improvement RTBF offered a new selected radio to construct the new DAB + antenna (12B) in exchange of sharing costs.
This antenna gives us the possibility to cover Brussels capital and even up to some points of the Antwerp area, Leuven also.

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